My best friend and pledge sister LC was proposed to after dating the same guy for over 9 years. I was so ecstatic for her, and so honored to be asked to be in the wedding. Her sister (who was MOH) would no doubt be able to plan a fantastic bachelorette party, however she had not yet turned 21 which presented a  bit of an obstacle since all of LC’s friends were 21 and over. I was then appointed to plan an all out shindig our friend, and bride to be would never forget. Yes, I had attended bachelorette parties over the years, but planning a party of this caliber was quite a task. Since I grew up in Atlanta and LC wanted to have her party here (she is from Birmingham) I wanted to make sure it was a weekend she, and everyone else would never soon forget. After months of planning.. the party was a complete success. This is why I decided to start ATL Bachelorette Resource- so I can bestow all of my party planning knowledge, tips, and creativity for my readers. A Bachelorette party should be a unique, unforgettable experience. Atlanta is an amazing city to live in  and an even more so for throwing a party. The purpose of ATL Bachelorette Resource is to be able to provide tons of incite all in one place. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Party On.

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About ATL Bachelorette Resource

A blog of all things bachelorette party, shower planning, and all around shenanigans in Atlanta.

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