More Fabulous Favors

Happy April to all my fellow bachelorettes out there! Wedding season is upon is which can only mean one thing… Bachelorette parties are inevitable! Here are a few cute trends I have recently come across which make for great bachelorette, or bridesmaid favors.

Monogrammed Beach Towels

With the warm weather arriving beach trips make for great bachelorette weekends or just a fun getaway with the girls. These over sized beach towels are cute, original, and can be used well after a fun weekend.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

It is becoming increasingly more popular to DIY and not only is it a cost effective idea, but it adds that extra little touch. It is so great to give a gift that you have made yourself is a true gesture of love and appreciation. These hand painted wine glasses are not only super cute, but easy to make and personalize. Perfect for bachelorette gifts.

Monogrammed Coolers

I received a monogrammed cooler similar to this as a birthday gift last year and have used it on more occasions than I can count. They come fairly inexpensively and are fun to customize according to taste. I found this particular one on Etsy and it runs about $28.

Fun Flasks

These flasks are too cute and can be found in an array of different prints. Not only are they a fabulous favor, but they also come in handy for those weddings who offer minimal alcohol options or a cash bar. These were found on Etsy and run about $142 for 8 flasks with any print.

Survival Kits

I love, love, love ideas like this that you have the freedom to be creative with. These are also ultra budget friendly. Chinese containers can be found for around $1 a piece. When it comes to decor and fillers the sky’s the limit. Have fun and fill according to the theme of the party. Hitting the city for a night of drinking, dancing, and debauchery? Try filling with aspirin, gum, lip gloss, Dr. Scholls fast flats, and maybe even a couple minis.

Party On.


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