Dinner Parties

I think it’s a really delightful idea to host a bachelorette dinner party. It gets everyone together in a much more mellow atmosphere and allows you to relax and take off the pressure of hitting the town. Let’s be real- not everyone is always down for a night full of drinking in a crowded, smokey bar. Dinner parties give you the freedom to be creative with the food, decor, cocktails, and games yet still makes for an intimate, fun evening with the girls. I am all for integrating a shower into the mix especially since it is so difficult to get everyone on the same page and to commit to various engagements on different weekends. You can easily kill two birds with one stone throwing a shindig like this. Themes are always fun, or just dressing up and taking a ton of cute pictures throughout the evening. Feeling extra fancy? Hire a private chef for the evening or have the party catered. No hassle means a more fun, stress free evening. You can even hire a mixologist to prepare specialty cocktails all evening. The sky’s the limit.

Party On!


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