I’m in Monogrammed Heaven

If you are a Southern lady then you know you have at least a dozen monogrammed items in your house. Not only is monogramming increasingly more popular, but it makes for fantastic, personalized gifts. Veeshee offers wonderful gift ideas from  totes to tailgating tubs, down to towels and umbrellas. They also give you the option to add personalization from only $5 with many of their items. These would make for great bachelorette gifts or even fun gifts for brides like their ultra cute city apron and oven mitt. Everything is very reasonably priced, but gives you the option to be creative, and to personalize without breaking the bank. Charming and fun are two key words I can easily use to describe their site and products. Check them out at Veeshee.com, on Facebook, or on Pinterest for other wonderful gift giving ideas and suggestions.


Party On!


Bronze Ambition

Over the past few years tanning has become a hot, sometimes controversial topic  due to the increasing concern of health risks. Now all brides and birdesmaids know that tanning typically becomes part of a normal regiment when preparing for a big event. The upside of tanning now is that there are so many wonderful options to obtain that golden glow while still keeping health conscious. Some of the options include Versa Spa, Mystic Tan, and custom Airbrush Tanning, as well as an array of sunless products like Benefit’s Aruba in a Tuba. Since most brides would prefer their bridesmaids to have something other than a ghostly complexion for the big day I wanted to post the suggestion to host a tanning party. Many salons like Hollywood Tans Atlanta offer the option to throw an after hours tanning party for you and your closest friends. It is a 10 person minimum and they give you the choice of normal UV tanning as well as sunless options like Mystic Tan or Airbrush with Norvell Amber Sun solution to give you a flawless, golden glow. For those who are a little more self conscious- Mystic is a wonderful alternative and you have the ability to customize your tan with all kinds of additives to give you a fragrance, a darker boost, or to even extend the results. $25 per person gives you a visit into one of their UV booths and a packet of lotion. Sunless options range from about $35-$45. You are allowed to bring food and drinks which makes for a fun, carefree evening of  tanning with your closest friends.  If you have concerns about tanning check out the FDA’s website here.


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Other Great Resources

Here at ATL Bachelorette Resource we are always looking for new, great resources to contribute to the successful planning of a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or any other fabulous get togethers. That is why we are always happy to promote other resourceful pages as well. Here are a few of our favorites we have recently come across.

House of Bachelorette is a fantastic resource for all things Bachelorette Party. From great ideas down to an extensive of list of favors, games, and an endless amount of party supplies. You can easily find something for any bachelorette theme or their page.

My Bachelorette Party Ideas has plenty of great ideas for decor, themes, outings, favors, and gifts. It is not frequently updated, however they still have tons of incite to offer.

Hostess With the Mostess is a really fun blog chock full of entertaining ideas. From girl’s night out ideas to food and drink down to holiday ideas, not only is it full of great shower, and bachelorette ideas- it covers planning for all occasions.

Atlanta Bridal.Com is a great resource for an bride to be or anyone involved in any aspect of planning. They have tons of resources from bachelorette planning ideas down to event rentals and restaurant recommendations.

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More Great Gifts

I am a Leo and with that comes the ability to be able to give the perfect gift. Although gift giving is not something you have to do when planning a shindig with your girls I always feel like it is a nice gesture to give a little something to say thank you for attending. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love the idea of giving these Vera Bradley wristlets for bridesmaid/bachelorette party gifts. They are so fabulous for a night out on the town. They make ones big enough to fit your phone as well as the smaller ones that can fit your ID, a lipgloss, and some cash and cards. Vera Bradley wristlets usually run about $35-$45. However, if you are thrifty you can often find these on clearance or online for as cheap as $8-$10. Check out all of  Vera Bradley’s fabulous patterns here. 

I love Vineyard Vines’ Beach themed goodies and if you are planning a beach getaway with your ladies what better gift to give than a Vineyard Vines tote? They come in all kinds of prints including seahorses and mermaids. These bags run anywhere from $85-$200. Pictures above with the tote is their patchwork Koozie. These can be found four about $5-$6. Visit Vineyard Vines here. 

It is no secret that I am a huge Lilly fan. I LOVE these Lilly Pulitzer “Tech cases.” They can fit anything from your camera to your Iphone. They come in an array of different patterns and are also fairly cheap at only $15 (I know, right?!) Would make a great gift for any occasion.  Check out these Lilly Cases here.

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More Bachelorette Inspirations

Here are a few more fun Bachelorette Party/Bridesmaid/Bridal Shower ideas I have come across.

I always love a good trip to the spa with my ladies, However, these days everyone is always on a budget so why not host your own spa shindig? You can always have people come to your house for manicures, pedicures, and other various spa services. If you are feeling thrifty though why not do it all yourself? This inspiration board is full of cute ideas. Dessert Table, Lotions, Favors, and all kinds of other goodies. I think i would personally make this a brunch time kind of shower. What a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Really cute favor ideas. Also kind of goes with the pink and black theme from my last post.

Great inspiration board for a beach themed bachelorette bash. I think the monogrammed floppy hats would make a fantastic gift. Check out Marley-Lilly for great monogrammed hats and design ideas.

More great pink inspiration for a girl’s night out. From the invites to the drinks and cupcakes. Well executed and not over the top.

Another great survival kit jam packed with tylenol, candy cigs, candy necklaces, band-aids and of course a rubber. You can always personalize these according to your theme of the evening.


Party On!

Think Pink

I was recently asked by a close girlfriend to co-host and plan a fabulous New Orleans Bachelorette weekend. Although the party is not until next year and we have not even remotely started to plan the event I was inspired to do a little research so we can already have a little inspiration when the time comes to get down to serious planning business. My friend had mentioned that our Bride was a huge fan of a pink and black color scheme. Although I am not huge on the idea for wedding colors I absolutely love the idea of making it a Bachelorette party theme. Here are some great inspirations I have come across for planning Pink and Black festivities.

I thought this was such a fabulous table scape for a Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower. It is fun, festive, and has a great vintage look to it.

Lovely Bachelorette themed Pink and Black  “Last Night Out” Cake.

Customized Labels are such a cute idea for a Bachelorette favor. You could do these for anything from water bottles to booze. These in particular definitely keep with the pink and black theme.

Adorable Pink Favor Boxes. These is not a lot of black integrated into these but the idea is super cute and you can always personalize them any way you like.

Pink and Black Lingerie Party. I LOVE this idea. Lingerie is so easy to find in these two staple colors. The sky is the limit with this idea.

Pink and Black Party invitations. Very fun. “She’s Gonna Get Married But First She’s Gonna Get Saucy.”

I am personally not a huge fan of limos but I mean if you are going to take the Pink and Black party theme seriously you might as well go all out, right?

Party On!

Keep Calm and Party On

In tradition of vintage British propaganda posters “Keep Calm and Carry On” knockoffs have been popping up all over the place. From supporting your favorite sports team to showing love for your favorite type of dog. These are a cute, fun way to show pride for whatever you support. Personally, I support throwing a fabulous Bachelorette Party. I came across these the other day and absolutely had to post these adorable finds. I love how they have integrated these into a girly party theme. Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

Keep Calm and Party On!

Spring in ATL

Spring has finally descended upon ATL, and with spring of course comes wedding season. We all know what that means- Time for fabulous bachelorette and bridesmaid outings! What better way to celebrate a special occasion than to get out and enjoy our beautiful city with your best girls? Here are some suggestions for great seasonal, casual outings with the girls.

The Sweetwater Brewery is a must do for a fun, booze infused outing with the ladies. You can go on a free tour, but for $10 they will give you 6 tasting tickets and a Sweetwater pint glass. They offer tours Wednesday-Saturdays from 2:30-4:30. If the tour aspect does not interest you then this is a great casual spot to enjoy some true to Atlanta brews and just kick back with some friends. If you happen to be in Atlanta over 4/20 weekend then you can absolutely not miss out on Sweetwater’s 420 fest- their once a year outdoor festival with live music, tons of beer, and all kinds of fun for all. Check out the Sweetwater Brewery here. Cheers!

Braves Games are always a fun way to get the ladies together for a true to ATL outing. Whether you are a sports fan or not there is always fun to be had down at Turner Field. If not anything there will be plenty of fine baseball player eye candy to watch. You can get great discounts on group tickets which is perfect if you have a substantial amount of people going. On a personal recommendation I would suggest trying to attend a night game and buy some tickets in covered seating. It keeps the heat down and makes the game enjoyable for any kind of weather. Tailgating beforehand is a must do so pack up a cooler with your favorite cocktails and bring it on down to the South side of town. Braves games make for fantastic couples outings as well (if you decide that you want to invite the guys.) Check out pricing for package deals here . Go Braves!

The Dogwood Festival is a yearly Atlanta tradition. If you happen to be in Atl while this is going on (usually over Earth Day weekend-Same time as Sweetwater 420 Fest) Then add this to your list of Atlanta Must-Do’s. The Dogwood Festival offers tons of great artists, music, food, and events. A little something for everyone can easily be found at this yearly Atlanta staple. Check out the Dogwood Festival here. 

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens make for a perfect spring outing. This year ABG is hosting Gourmet in May with tons of food demonstrations, classes, and activities including an edible garden (how cool?) If the food doesn’t suit your appetite then feel free to walk around and enjoy the beautiful gardens and all they have to offer. ABG is really a lovely place to spend a free afternoon. Grab your ladies and check it out. It is centrally located in Atlanta right on the Buckhead/Midtown border so you can plan a fun dinner/cocktail outing afterwards. ABG offers group rates for parties of 10 or more. Check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens here. 

Enjoy Spring and Party On!

Sweet Night Out

For a completely different, sweet idea check out The Original Chocolate Bar. I think this is such a cute idea for a girl’s night out activity. They offer amazing homemade sweets as well as a small menu of normal food. This would be a great place to do gourmet desserts and cocktails. Located of Ponce in Decatur.



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Something to Wine about

It is no secret that I enjoy my cocktails. What better way to savor some tasty beverages than with a group of your closest friends? Atlanta has so many fabulous options as far as places to get a great drink but what better idea than to bring the booze and party to you? Hosting an event such as a wine tasting is a great way to to get all of your girls together fora night of drinking, bonding, and fun. I think this would make for a spectacular bridesmaids get together or just a mellow night with the girls. Places like The Atlanta Wine School offer private one on one sessions where they will come to your home and teach you all about Wine. Or you could always choose the Wine yourself and host a fabulous dinner party with pairings. ph Wine Market is centrally located in Buckhead. Though they are kind of hidden back in Peachtree Hills once you find them you will be so glad that you did. They offer  hard to find selections as well as well known wines and are more than happy to assist you and finding the perfect vino for your event. They offer wine classes as well as free tastings on Saturdays so you can browse, shop, and savor to find exactly what you are looking for. The always wonderful Treehouse  restaurant is located next door which I visit quite frequently. It is a great dinner spot which makes for a great outing. Wine first followed by cocktails and dinner next door. Treehouse has a great, mellow vibe which makes for a perfect evening out with the ladies, or for a perfect brunch the morning after. If you are interested in a more upscale outing then check out Southern Art and Bourbon Bar located on Peachtree street. Southern Art offer fabulous Southern Fare as well as cocktails to die for. This is a great spot for getting dressed up for a dinner out on the town with the girls.



Party On!

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