DIY Koozie Favors

All Southern ladies know that you can NEVER have enough Koozies. This is a cute, easy diy idea that makes for a great favor and keepsake. Koozies are cheap and you can order them bulk online from a number of vendors.

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The hot pink Koozie is adorned with marabou fur,  (you will want to decorate with bows, fur etc before the party.) Of course they can be used for beer but with all the drinking that takes place at a Bacchelorette Party it is great to give each girl a water to put in it!

Supply every party goer with a Koozie and a black marker.


Have guys who buy her a drink sign it.

Have the girls write a message on the Bride’s Koozie

Have guys write marriage advice on the Bride’s Koozie.

Write dares on the koozies.

Have everyone decorate their own – telling how they know the Bride.

The possibilities are endless. GET CREATIVE.

Party On.


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