Tips for Planning

It can be incredibly overwhelming planning a bachelorette weekend. Standards are always high when planning a good friend’s last single girl shindig. Here are a few planning tips I hope y’all find helpful while planning a perfect ATL weekend.

1. Stay Organized

One of the best tips I can give my hostesses is to stay as organized as possible. Especially when planning for a big group, staying organized can seriously save the day. It becomes increasingly more difficult when you have friends in from out of town. I personally have used excel spreadsheets to organize bachelorette weekends. In one sheet you can have everything planned out as far as what everyone owes for hotel, activities, and other miscellaneous expenses so everyone knows exactly what to budget for during the big weekend. At the end of the day your friends will end up thanking you knowing that they are going to spend $200 on a weekend and not $600.

2. Book In Advance

I can not stress enough how planning in advance well make things so much easier when party time comes. Many and most bachelorette weekends usually involve some sort of necessary accommodations. If you book your hotel in advance you can easily keep tabs on budgets which is one of hardest things to do when you are doing it yourself. Restaurants and other planned activities should also be reserved in advance. Not only for budgetary reasons, but also so you do not have to wait. No one wants to stand around for 45 minutes waiting for a table to open up on Friday night.

3. Integrate a Shower into the Party

Most Brides will usually have up to five showers or more during their engagement. It is so difficult to attend all or if any especially when you do not live locally. Integrating a shower into a girls get away weekend cannot only be a fun activity but can kill two birds with one shower. The bride gets tons of gifts from her friends and you have filled your quota on hosting a shower and bachelorette party in one weekend. Lingerie showers are easy. All you have to do is have everyone bring a fun lingerie gift for the bride and plan some fun games.

Check out these Shower Ideas

4. Plan Games

Yes, Bachelorette party games are usually corny and extremely over done, but it is a harmless fun tradition that your bride friends would hate to miss. Most games are as easy as printing them out online or hitting a Spencer’s at your local mall. Some you can even make yourself. “How well do you know your bride/groom” are easy to make and even more fun to play. Make a list of fun facts about each of the bride and groom. Just make sure to get answers from each of them before you play.

5. Favors

Favors are not an absolute necessity for a bachelorette weekend, but they do make it even more special and give all the guests something to remember the weekend by. You can do gift bags with party shades, candy, lip gloss, bubbles, Bling Rings, and other fun, goofy items for the weekend.

Party City has an entire section dedicated to bachelorettes.

6. Don’t get caught up in Coordinating every minute of the party

Yes, most of us can be a little OCD when it comes to party planning, However, don’t go overboard and try to micromanage every minute of every day. You tend to miss out on the fun while trying to make sure every little detail is perfect. If you have been well organized and planned in advance then you should have no worries about anything going awry. Just try to kick back and enjoy the party.

More great tips to come soon. Party On.

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