Where to Eat?

Atlanta is a holy mecca for food. Any kind of fare you could possibly dream of is within reach. The only difficult part  is deciding where to go? Sometimes it can be a pain to coordinate and make plans for a dinner especially when arranging for a big group. Not everyone has the same taste so it is always good to keep in mind that when you choose a restaurant it should be something with a wide variety to choose from.

Tapas is great for a big group. You can get a lot of food for the money and everyone can share since it is all small plates. More food, smaller tab, bigger budget booze.

I recently had a great experience at Eclipse Di Luna in Buckhead. The food is fantastic, as well as the prices. With an array of cocktails to offer, and a wide variety of food- there is most definitely something for everyone here at this festive location. There is always live music so it can get a little loud. If you are going for a place that you can actually hear everyone talking I would not suggest eating here. Sangria, Calamari, Paella, Short Ribs and mini Hamberguesas are just a few selections from the giant menu.

Three Sheets is  an awesome spot if you are going for a little bit more of an upscale vibe. The restaurant and bar is tastefully decorated and has great couch spaces to accommodate parties big and small.  It has a very plush feel on the inside that gives it the bar feel with more intimate settings so you can sit and catch up. Though it is located in Sandy Springs (about 10 minutes away from Buckhead,) and gives you the drawback of either designating a DD or having to take a cab- for the atmosphere, bar, and food it is completely worth going a little ways out of the city. The prices are average, however the bar is huge and will delight you with quick service. Chipotle Chicken Egg Rolls, bruschetta, and grilled chorizo accompany the menu as well as specialty cocktails like “The Morning After and “Summer Nights.” For those who want something more than tapas they also offer a few heavier dinner options.

If you are looking to dress up and have a more upscale, true Atlanta dining experience these places would meet the criteria;

STK is the perfect spot if you are the Vodka and Steak type of Bachelorette group. You must be  going all out with the 5 star restaurant to weigh this chic spot as an option. Prepare to look fabulous when frequenting this spot which is a perfect dinner locale  planning a night out on the town. I would personally say make this  a Friday night or early dinner option because you will most definitely be uncomfortably full after leaving this upscale steakhouse. Salads, Beef tar tar, sea scallops, and fois gras french toast are just a few appetizers on their menu. An array of steaks take up most of the dinner menu, however for those of you who do not eat red meat there are also seafood choices as well as organic chicken. With plenty of toppings, sides, and sauces to choose from, STK would most certainly be a fabulous dining experience.

Buckhead Diner gives you the fancy vibe without being overly stuffy. The white glove service, and fabulous menu make this place a go to choice for any great dinner party. It is definitely a more low key with a menu full of comfort food favorites like Veal and Wild Mushroom Meatloaf, Steak Frites, and Southern Pan Fried Chicken Breast. There are also plenty of Gluten Free options. Don’t let this mellow menu fool you- this restaurant is most definitely high class with a fun atmosphere. Located in the heart of Buckhead it makes doing dinner here before going out a no brainer and high quality choice.

I will continue with more culinary delights for you all later. Party On.

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