Where to stay?

Not all Bachelorette parties have to be weekend long events. There is a variety of activities that can be planned without having to take an entire weekend off to celebrate a friend’s upcoming nuptials. However, for those that are weekend extravaganzas obviously need a fabulous place to stay. These are my personal recommendations for fun hotels in different areas of the city.

Buckhead is a great area of Atlanta to host a bachelorette weekend. You have your pick of hotels as well as restaurants, night life and activities. My personal choice for hotels would have to include:

The W Hotel Buckhead – This trendy location has everything you need for the makes of a great party. Not only is the hotel itself modern, trendy, and delightful, but it also has a fabulous restaurant (Market)  and rooftop bar (Whisky Blue) upstairs. Although the W can tend to be pricier they usually have a list of specials that they are running which most always include a discount for locals. You can easily accommodate 2-4 guests in each room. The food at market is upscale and expensive, but the restaurant itself is lovely an truly gives you the feel that you are in the center of all Atlanta has to offer. Whisky Blue also tends to attract a more upscale crowd and the drinks are (in my opinion) way over priced.

The Westin Buckhead – The Westin is located directly next door to the W Buckhead. Location is a great reason to look into this spot when deciding on which hotel you plan on residing at for the weekend. Another great perk is that The Palm restaurant is located on the premises which makes it easy to host a delicious, upscale dinner for you and your ladies, or just a nice atmosphere to gossip over cocktails. Lenox Mall is within walking distance for easy shopping access.

The Ritz Carlton – Also located directly across from Lenox mall is the ever popular Ritz Carlton. If you are going for a little less of a Party atmosphere this is definitely worth checking out. It is a little stuffy (in my personal opinion) but the restaurant is fabulous and once again you are in the center of everything. The rooms are a little small unless you get a suite. I would recommend staying here if you are going for a more low key weekend with a smaller group. You get all of the classiness the Ritz has to offer, but if you are more of a bourbon drinking, tequila shooting kind of group you might want to consider a location with  a little more of a party atmosphere.

*No Matter where you decide to stay in Buckhead you are going to be within a 2 mile proximity of all the nightlife ATL has to offer. This makes cab fares extremely cheap.*

The W Midtown- Midtown has an array of great restaurants and night life. You are going to get a similar crowd as you would in Buckhead while being closer to the heart of the city. Just like the Buckhead location this trendy hotel has everything built in for the makes of a great weekend. A fabulous bar (Whisky Park) and a top notch restaurant (Spice Market) to accompany it.

Hotel Indigo- Located in Midtown with a unique design the hotel Indigo tends to have cheaper prices compared to some of the aforementioned hotels. They do offer package deals for groups and have constantly changing specials. If you are hoping to stay in midtown it would be a great spot to consider.  There is no restaurant or bar located at the hotel, however the neighborhood it is located in makes up for that.

The Westin Downtown – I have to mention the Westin located downtown because for those of you that have out of town guests coming in this is a fabulous location to consider. The hotel itself is nice with the glass elevator however the best party of the entire location is the Sundial Restaurant located on top. The restaurant rotates as you dine giving you a 360 degree view of our wonderful city. It would be a great place to do a fancier dinner before hitting the bars or night life. Prices vary, but as the other hotels – they do run specials.

These are just a few recommendations. I will continue to add more to give you all of the best options the city has to offer. That is all for now.

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